Sunday, September 05, 2004

WhitePagesDirect 1.1.1 Update

I added CAPI 2.0 support to WhitePagesDirect.
This means that if you have an ISDN line,
and an ISDN Modem with CAPI 2.0 support,
then, when your phone rings,
CallerID information is routed to WhitePagesDirect

I am not sure if it works with intracom's netmod,
I think they only offer CAPI 2.0 support over their USB connection.

I tested it with an AVM Fritz ISDN Card and it works fine.
Let me know if anyone can make it work with netmod.

You can download the new version from

update: links changed to point to latest version (1.1.2)


Lipis said...

Καλά ρε Ζαφ γράφεις BUGS???
Try this query: 2310268380!!!

Guru said...

Το bug πού είναι?

Zafiris said...

το bug ήταν ότι όταν δεν υπήρχε διεύθυνση εβγαζε μια παπαριά, τώρα δεν το κάνει πια.

Lipis said...

Το διόρθωσε το Bug.. :D