Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dead Parrot sketch

I recently came across a transcript of the Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch. Must be by far the most famous one. It's between Cleese and Palin, the same couple that stared in A Fish Called Wanda (written by Cleese).
Anyone wanna start a Comedy Group with me?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm looking for Sarah Connor...

Looks like my childhood hero is not the man he used to be...

Check out this most interesting article on Wired about the big Austrian: The New American Idol, who once upon a time stared in the most rediculus movie of all times (Hercules In New York)

here's a bio of the man: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

WhitePagesDirect 1.0.2 Update

A couple of bug fixes:
1. Text is copied to clipboard correctly now (in greek).
2. Displays a friendlier message when a number is not found.
3. Does not allow text input, requires 10 digits.

I guess you'll have to re-download it...

update: links changed to point to latest version (1.1.2)

Monday, August 23, 2004

WhitePagesDirect (tm)

After years of inactivity, I am finaly releasing a new utility for all the greeks frustrated by the online version of OTE's whitepages (whitepages.oteshop.gr). It's called WhitePagesDirect (tm) and it directly queries OTE's server with the phone number you are looking for...

Requires a connection to the internet to operate. Just type any 10-digit OTE number and press enter... You can download it from zkeramid.com/misc/WhitePagesDirect.zip.

update: links changed to point to latest version (1.1.2)


I recently bought my third original piece of software, after 16 years in computing... :-)

Its called FeedDemon and its an RSS Aggregator.

An RSS Aggregator, or RSS Reader is a program that notifies you about what's new in your favorite sites...
Well, that's actually an oversimplification.

For example, you can tell the aggregator the names of your favorite blogs, and everytime you log-in to the internet, the aggregator will tell you if there are any new posts in them...

Sunday, August 22, 2004


in an effort to get rid of tripod as a free host (far too many ads nowdays), I added a downloads section to my blog template... (you can probably see it on the right). Files are hosted by cylog.org (although mr Symeonidis does not know it yet :-) .
For the time being I just moved Ξερή and a couple of translations of old sci-fi stories.
I will move the rest of the material in a few days.

update: all files are now hosted by zkeramid.com

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Friday, August 20, 2004


Approximately after a year and four months of sleepless nights, I managed to convince a plumber to come around and replace my dripping bathroom faucet. I used 18-192 (Techniki Kalipsi) and for the ridiculous amount of 70Eur I can now enjoy the silence... :-)

In case you think 70Eur is absurd, here are a couple DIY links:
Plumbing Care & Repair Handbook
Do-It-Yourself Network

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Ball Speed in Sports

Had an argument with a couple of friends today about how ball speed is measured in sports like tennis, volleyball and baseball. Turns out they are using gun radars...
Just like the way the police measures the speed of cars...

here's a couple of links:

How Radar Detection works
How Your Speedchek Speed Sport Radar Gun Works
Definitions for Doppler Effect

A web standards checklist

here's a link I stole from http://christias.blogspot.com/:
A web standards checklist

Hard-Core Biker (not)

The police found my stolen bike...
The creep that stole it painted the wheels blue using spray paint,
removed one of the rear-view mirrors,
destroyed the fuel tank's cap and partially destroyed the license plate.

So now I have two bikes.
A Honda AX1 and a Yamaha TDR.
I'm thinking maybe I should buy a Suzuki to expand my collection :-)

Anyone care to comment?

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photos from athens 2004 olympics...

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