Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hard-Core Biker (not)

The police found my stolen bike...
The creep that stole it painted the wheels blue using spray paint,
removed one of the rear-view mirrors,
destroyed the fuel tank's cap and partially destroyed the license plate.

So now I have two bikes.
A Honda AX1 and a Yamaha TDR.
I'm thinking maybe I should buy a Suzuki to expand my collection :-)

Anyone care to comment?


Marialena said...

Hello Zafeiris!
Thanx for the comment on my blog regarding the sunset photo I took. Glad you found your bike. I feel for you since I am a bit of a biker myself.
Have a nice Olympic vacations, Marialena

Marialena said...

Hello again!I guess it runs in the Aries sign to like bikes. I ride a sports enhanced scooter for commuting in the city!It's a Peugeot Speedfight 2, 80cc.
Have a nice day,

Guru said...

Marialena? Who the fuck is Marialena? ;)

Anonymous said...

topless here as anonymous ... forget about suzuki and buy vespa ... hehe